2015 Popporn Awards Winners

2015 Popporn Awards - Mia Malkova

We're proud to announce the winners of the 2015 POPPORN Awards! The winners you see below represent the very best that the adult industry has to offer, so the rest of you better up your game! Congratulations to all of the winners! You've earned it!


Taboo Family Affairs Vol. 2 Boxcover

Taboo Family Affairs Vol. 2

Good lord. We can't say we're entirely too surprised that this movie commanded the voter's attention. During the past year, this morally-questionable milestone sold more copies than any other DVD on our site by, like, a sort of disgusting margin. No matter how much we'd like to deny it to the parts of ourselves that don't want to go to hell, this film was the bonafide porn success story of 2014, and we may never see it's like again. Is it the creepiest movie we've ever sold? Maybe, but it's also among the most beloved.


Aftermath Boxcover


There aren't a whole lot of directors out there anymore who really put the effort into their craft the way Brad Armstrong does. A solid story, seriously impressive production values and more hot porking and banging than you could shake a stick at (including an absolutely essential orgy scene at the end) make this a natural choice for the best story-driven film of the past year. Of course, It doesn't hurt that it's got a family-themed subplot, which happens to be all the rage this year!


Pure Vol. 1 Boxcover

Pure Vol. 1

While we can think of a plethora of reasons to love this flick from AVN's Best New Studio, Airerose Entertainment, we're fairly confident that you can boil Pure Vol. 1's success down to two simple words: Dakota Skye. While every piece of premium pussy in this flick performed more than admirably (seriously, we've been cumin' for months thanks to this flick), POPPORN's customers seem to have more than a little bit of affection for this tiny-tit cutie, and they showed it with their votes. Spoiler alter: you'll be reading more about Dakota as you scroll down.


Weekends At Grandpas Boxcover

Weekends At Grandpas

Um, do we really need to explain why this was voted sickest porn of the year? First of all, the leading man looks like a cross between Don Ameche and the guy who plays Bert Cooper on Mad Men. Second, he's her FUCKING GRANDFATHER. While we don't like to give out the details of every vote, you should know that this film bested a Nazi hand job movie, a movie where women are into gang bangs by dudes wearing clown masks and the most intense bukkakke footage we've ever encountered. And it won by a landslide.


Dakota Skye Headshot

Dakota Skye

We mentioned that you may be seeing more of Dakota before the awards announcements are through, didn't we! It's been a banner year for this petite blonde fuckbunny, as she's fucked and sucked her way to the top of the porn totem pole (and probably made all of us cum more than we ever thought possible). While we find it criminal that she didn't take home the AVN award, you can at least count on the good folks here at POPPORN to give praise where it's due. We love you, Dakota. Please fuck us.


Dakota Skye Headshot

Dakota Skye

Holy shit, again?! Our fans just can't seem to say no to this little booty cutie, and we can't quite say we blame them. Whether she's eating pussy, sucking dick, getting her pussy serviced or her delectable little asshole turned inside out, there's just no denying the charisma and ultimate fuckability embodied by this stunning young lady. Again, we love you, Dakota. Please fuck us.


Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann

Look, we don't want to complain, and we certainly don't wish to speak ill of our voter's choices, but isn't this one sort of obvious? Choosing Lisa Ann for Best MILF is sort of like choosing Earth for best planet or pizza for best food. Of COURSE Lisa Ann's the best MILF performer in porn. Was there ever any doubt? if we could've just nominated Lisa Ann five times, don't you think we would have done it? No offense to the other hard-rockin' babes who got nominated.


James Deen Headshot

James Deen

As with Lisa Ann, this one was a little bit too obvious. But also, we gotta say, slightly disappointing. I mean, how could you people, in your right mind, vote for James Deen over the other nominees? The old man from Weekend At Grandpas was nominated, for the love of heck! Hasn't James Deen done enough damage to our society without you people encouraging him? No? Okay, fine then. Here's another award to throw on the pile, James. We hope you choke on it!




Why did Mason win the best director award this year, after winning it last year, too? Perhaps it's because she's one of the only directors left it porn who actually knows their way around a camera! No offense to the rest of you jokers out there, but Mason has been putting you dorks to shame for a while now, both in terms of productions values and the ability to elicit once-in-a-lifetime performances from her top-notch casts. Unless the rest of the industry ups their game, we plan to ust copy and paste this entry when Mason wins again next year.




Fuck man, is it our imagination or does, like, EVERYONE love Brazzers movies?! They're clearly the industry's go-to source for high-end filth focusing on amazing juggs and seriously fucktastic asses and for that reason alone, we're proud to hand off this incredibly prestigious award. Good job, braziers. You've made us jizz well!


3D Diana Ultra Lifelike Mega Sex Doll

3D Diana Ultra Lifelike Mega Sex Doll

Hey, you can't fuck with a classic. Doc Johnson's been around just about forever, and you don't experience that kind of longevity without doing something right. The household name in sex toys, Doc's got something for everybody - toys for dudes, toys for chicks, cheap toys, luxury items and everything in between. With bestselling items under their belt like the Jessie Andrews All American Girl Masturbator and revolutionary new items like the Optimale line redefining the way we screw, it's no wonder that these guys took home this year's award.

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