2014 TLA Raw Awards Winners

2014 TLA Awards

The fans have cast their votes, and the results are in! We're happy to announce the winners of the 2014 TLA RAW Awards!


Family Business Boxcover

Family Business

Earlier this year, Digital Sin made the jump into family-style porn (aka incest) with their Tabu Tales line. In the months since, TLA's seen it's sales of this forbidden genre skyrocket into the heavens (or depths of hell, most likely), lead by this gem from director Jacky St. James. Jacky and her partner in crime, visual virtuoso Eddie Powell, manage to make taboo porn that's still classy enough to make you almost forget that the characters on the screen are supposedly related, proving once again that TLA RAW's customers really have no boundaries whatsoever. While it makes us worry for the future (what's next - snuff films?), we're happy to take a moment to bask in this uber-sleazy new normal that Digital Sin's popularized.


The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody Boxcover

The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody

Kind of a no-brainer. You take the most popular show on television and add penetration to it. Voila! You've got a bonafide hit! Not that the Burning Angel crew didn't do their homework by giving us all a great flick that stayed true to the source material without skimping on the pussy. Good work, you tattooed freaks!


Band Sluts Boxcover

Band Sluts

Let's face it. There's no a lot of laughs to be had in pornography anymore. While there's no shortage of sweet gaping bungholes or jizz-basted faces, the idea of actually finding a porno movie hilarious is pretty slim these days. So when a script from POPPORN's own Spock BUCKTON ends up in the hands of Joanna Angel and her inked-up pussy brigade finds its way to your TV screen, you consider yourself lucky that the gods of hilarity have smiled upon you. Also, this thing won the AVN award for best jokes, too, and those guys know what they're doing, right?


Veronica Avluv: No Limits Boxcover

Veronica Avluv: No Limits

We're going to consider this win not only a triumph for buttfucking, but a victory for MILFs as well. Because this movie could have gone to any of the other nominated films, all of which were fronted by teenage casts, but instead it went to a film that spotlighted a 41-year old champion of buttfucking. A film in which she not only shows that she can stand up next to any teenage twat in the biz, but actually obliterate them as well. This a must-see gang bang flick, and we're glad the fans recognized that when they cast their votes. A hearty "well fucking done" goes out to Zero Tolerance, Mike Quasar, and of course, Veronica Avluv who we really, really like and plan to spend the better part of this evening masturbating to.


My Handiwork 4: God's Work Boxcover

My Handiwork 4: God's Work

Frankly, we thought this movie was sort of tame when compared to a lot of the stuff that the church actually gets up to behind closed doors. But that sentiment apparently isn't shared by the legion of voters who overwhelmingly chose this movie to be more gross than two different incest flicks, a piss movie and a brutally uncomfortable bondage film. We're scared to imagine what people will think next year, when Pop One Productions' Nazi handjob movie is sure to weasel its way into this very category.


Siri Headshot


God damn it, Siri's fucking gorgeous. That's been the TLA stance since we first laid eyes on here in last year's Big Girls Are Sexy, and it makes us feel vindicated to see that the fans feel the same way, as they gave Siri over 500 votes more than they gave any of the other nominees. This was one hell of a victory for porn's buxomest babe, and she ought be god damn fuckin' proud. She also ought to tweet a bunch of boob photos to us if she felt like it. You know, 'cause her tits are amaaaaazing.


James Deen Headshot

James Deen

Okay, see how we mention above that Siri defeated the other nominees by over 500 votes? Well, James Deen's dick defeated the other dicks by over 800 votes. This means that either our site's been overrun by a veritable army of teenage girls (who, as far as we know, still swoon over Deen's boyish charm), or he's just that damn good at porking the ever-loving fuck out of chicks. Either way, Deen wins again!


Girlfriends Films

Girlfriends Films

We can't say we're all that surprised by this one. Month after month, Girlfriends movies continue to rank among the most popular DVDs on our site. The fans love the ever-loving fuck out of them, and they've shown it with their votes. Hell, folks seem to be even more gaga over Girlfriends now that they've begun releasing movies that feature dicks going in! While we don't want to worry any of the worthy opponents of this groundbreaking studio, we've heard whispers of some big developments for Girlfriends in 2014, which is putting them in a pretty sweet position to win next year's award, too.


Bonnie Rotten Headshot

Bonnie Rotten

It's been a while since we've witnessed a debut as unrelenting as Bonnie's. This tattooed sex goddess from hell arrived on the scene practically pre-gaped, setting the stage for a year's worth of the most brutally relentless assfucking, gang banging and squirting action we've seen in years. Bonnie seemingly knows no limits, which suits us just fine, because she buttfucks like a god damn champ.




At the start of 2012, we saw Mason's hasty departure from Elegant Angel, where she made a name as one of the best pornographers in the business. After a few months of worried, stressful masturbation to lesser directors (no offense to any of them, obvie), Mason re-emerged at the helm of not one, but two fantastic new studios: the romantically-themed Erotica X and the rougher, tougher, no-holds-barred gonzo outfit, Hard X, bringing us to only the most immaculately shot porn we've seen in years but also big-time milestones like the anal debuts of Anikka Albrite and Maddy O'Reilly. Every new Mason release gets us excited from the tips of our toes to the deepest recesses of our nut sacks, and we're so happy to present her with this incredibly important award.


Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson

Hey, you can't fuck with a classic. Doc Johnson's been around just about forever, and you don't experience that kind of longevity without doing something right. The household name in sex toys, Doc's got something for everybody - toys for dudes, toys for chicks, cheap toys, luxury items and everything in between. With bestselling items under their belt like the Jessie Andrews All American Girl Masturbator and revolutionary new items like the Optimale line redefining the way we screw, it's no wonder that these guys took home this year's award.


Jessica Drake Fleshlight

Jessica Drake Fleshlight

While Doc Johnson's earned their accolades as best toy company, there wasn't a single toy all year that could hold a candle to the jessica drake Fleshlight. We've always said that Fleshlights are the absolute closest thing you can get to an actual vagina, and when it's molded from a pussy as flat-out perfect as Jessica Drake's... well... let's just say that we didn't leave our apartments for two full weeks after this toy arrived. And even then, we only left to go buy more lube.


James Deen Headshot

James Deen

James Deen isn't the most prolific social media presence, and the bulk of his tweets are more often than not about eating burritos or something equally as arbitrary. So from what we can gauge, this award just goes to show that if you nominate James Deen for an award that people can vote for, he'll most likely win it. Honestly, at this point, we wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised is James Deen won an award for best rap album or something equality as indecipherable. Hey, they guy fucks like a champ, so fuck it!


Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom Boxcover

Farrah Abraham

Does Butt Sex, Becomes Famous

We''ll admit that this is sort of a far cry from an actual "freakout". Sure, it was a shocker for anyone who followed her adventures on TV, and it translated into record-breaking sales of her DVD, but hey - it's just butt sex. But this year was sort of lacking for honest to god freak outs, and we're not sure that folks would have voted for them anyway. Hell, last year, we nominated a gay porn star who murdered people and ate cats but he still lost to an STD scandal story. Does this show that the voting public is under-educated about social norms? Maybe! Does it show that folks just really, really like Farrah, and will vote her to the top of whatever category she appears in? Maybe! Does it show that the porn industry needs to get it's act together and really start having some real scandals during the next 12 months? Abso-fucking-lutley. but congratulations, anyway, Farrah. We really liked watching you get banged.

Details of the TLA Raw Awards

  • Nominees were selected by our staff of well-educated adult product retailers.
  • All nominees will be notified via email.
  • Award winners will be announced April 15th.
  • Voting is open to everyone. There is no limit on the number of votes you may cast.
  • Losers can petition for a recount by contacting TLARAW.com via communication. Results may vary.
  • Categories are subject to change annually based on no pre-defined set of criteria.

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