2011 TLA Raw Awards Winners

2011 TLA Awards

The polls have closed and the votes have been counted. It's with great excitement that we announce the winners of the 2011 TLA RAW AWARDS! Voting was close in many categories and honestly, every nominee was a winner in our book. However, the fans and customers have spoken.


Cuties Boxcover


With just one look at the cover it's not difficult to understand why Elegant Angel's Cuties won Best Porn Movie. Elegant Angel started a serious brand over-haul in 2008 and 2009 but it wasn't until Cuties hit the shelves in 2010 that people started to stand up and seriously take notice. From the teasing title, the perfectly selected cover photo of Lexi Belle to the intense sex scenes, Cuties just hit on all cylinders. Elegant Angel would continue to refine it's brand and style throughout 2010 and we can't wait to see where they go in 2011, but Cuties really was a landmark release for them.


Kristina Rose Headshot

Kristina Rose

Kristina Rose might be one of the most unsung super stars of the adult world. However, winning the 2011 TLA RAW Award for Performer of the Year should show everyone just how popular she is with the fans. Appearing in over 100 movies in 2010 alone, Kristina has become the go-to girl for most porn directors. Always providing great scenes filled with heat and intensity, her body is ridiculous and her ass is the thing of legends. From her paralyzing anal scenes to her charm and personality in features, Kristina Rose is an all-natural sex goddess who we hope won't stop for a long time to come.




2010 was once again "The Year of the Parody" and once again, 90% of them sucked ass. Luckily for Vivid, they were able to snag distribution rights to uber-director Axel Braun's amazing take on the campy 1960s Batman TV show. In a year full of parodies so shitty we wanted to gauge our eyes with acid-dipped spoons, Batman XXX: A Porn Parody was a breath of fresh air. Featuring a killer cast full of top-notch actors (who also happen to fuck like champs) including the return of '90s cock-stud, Dale DaBone as the Caped Crusader, James Deen as Robin the Boy Wonder, Randy Spears as The Joker and Tori Black as Catwoman, there was no way this movie could fail... and it looks like our voters agreed!


Delinquents Boxcover


Not only was Delinquents one of the funniest movies of 2010, it was also one of our bestselling DVDs. Hell, it's been on the market for almost a year and is STILL in our Top 20! It's a pretty simple premise - you know, bad girls in detention getting fucked... but writer/directors Spock BUCKTON and Brian Bangs turn the genre on its ear by adding their left-of-center humor, ridiculous set-ups and an ending that includes explosive hot dogs (you've got to see it to really get the joke). The cast of young harlots including Kagney Linn Karter, Andy San Dimas, Katie St. Ives and Lexi Belle left us laughing and whacking all the way to the bank! In a year so full of crappy spoofs and parodies, it's great to see folks still getting a kick out of good 'ol, original sex comedies.


Rocco's Bitch Party 2 Boxcover

Rocco's Bitch Party 2

Honestly, what can we say about Rocco Siffredi that hasn't been said before? The dudess been fucking on video for something like 82 years and he still makes just about any male performer out there look like an amateur. In part 2 of his cumtastic Bitch Party series, Rocco goes fuck wild on no less than 23 girls. Let me repeat that... 23 FUCKING GIRLS! And on top of that, just about all these girls are fresh, legal teens who are pretty much new to the biz. Rocco, we salute you, you magic-cocked Italian Stallion, you. All we ask in return for bestowing this award on you is that you PLEASE invite us to your next Bitch Party.


Fan Bang Boxcover

Fan Bang

The "Sickest Porn" category is quickly become a bit of a controversial award around here, and sure, we can understand why. I mean, no one really wants to win an award that is basically saying "You're kind of disgusting..." But, you know what? We think this is an award that folks should be proud of. Take Fan Bang for example - now, when we nominated this movie for "Sickest Porn", we weren't trying to say that the star of this movie (Sabrina Deep) is "sick" or "gross" in any way whatsoever. In fact, in this case, we're choosing to interpret the meaning of this award in more of a "skater dude" type of way. As in "Dude, that was totally SICK the way you jumped your board over that 40 person gangbang!" So, congrats to Sabrina Deep because we think it was totally SICK the way you took 40 of your biggest fans deep inside you. WE'RE BEING SINCERE!


Rocco Reed Headshot

Rocco Reed

Why was Rocco Reed voted performer of the year? Well, for one thing, the dude's in, like, every fucking movie that came out this year. He's got a powerful cock that knows no limits, he's got a handsome babydoll face that makes chick's vaginas melt, and he's one of the few porn actors out there these days that can actually pull off a few hilarious one-liners without looking like an idiot. A top-notch performer in every sense of the word, TLA RAW is proud to award Rocco Reed the year's top fuckmaking honors. Also, we're just getting sick of Manuel Ferrara winning everything.


Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel

2010's been a damned good year for Elegant Angel. 2010 brought one porno gem after another from this studio that seemingly has the ability to turn anything it touches to gold. With hits like Asa Akira is Insatiable and Jayden Jaymes Unleashed, they turned up-and-coming porno starlets into bonafide superstars. Cuties reminded us of the beauty of an innocent teenager getting defiled. Let Me Jerk You reminded us that handjobs deserve a place at the top of the porno canon right next to gaper porn and POV suckjobs. Big Wet Asses continues to bring us lots of porn stars' assfuckin' debuts (which is always cool, because watching chicks get fucked in the ass is tops!). Above all, Elegant Angel's stunning cover art solidified its place as the American Apparel of pornography, and even inspired some shameful copycat acts (we're looking at you, Cherry Boxx Pictures and Sensational Video). With 2011 already going strong with the release of Bush, Prison Girls and Dirty Blondes, this glamorously filthy house of sin has no signs of slowing.


Allie Haze Headshot

Allie Haze

2010 was a hell of a year for Allie Haze. When the year begun, we gotta admit that we weren't too familiar with this cutie, but that soon changed... Allie soon made a huge impact starring in boner-enducing flicks for some of porno's hottest directors including Tom Byron, Joey Silvera and Rocco Sifredi. After viewing a few of her flicks we finally realized that this little cutie COULD FUCK LIKE A DEMON! And to top that off, this girl can fuckin' ACT too! Check her out in the New Sensations' Romance flick Almost Heaven to see what we mean. We've got high hopes for this all-natural brunette in 2011. Congrats Allie!


Bill Bailey Headshot

Bill Bailey

At first we thought it was a no-brainer that Bill Bailey was picked as Best Male Newcomer. He's always getting into hilarious shenanigans around the army base, and we love it when he ogles Miss Buxley's sweet ass. But then our bosses informed us that we were actually thinking of beloved cartoon character Beetle Bailey, which (as of yet, hasn't been made into a porno movie). After doing a little bit of research (i.e. watching a lot of porno) we remembered that Bill Bailey's got some powerfully-strong fuckmaking skills that all the ladies seem to love, as well as having the kind of physique that dudes can admire without being gay (as long as you don't admire it too much). All in all, a grade-A cocksman who's sure to go far in this biz.


Belladonna Headshot


What can one say about Belladonna? In a time when most porn directors are playing it safe - filming boring, by-the-numbers, vanilla porn that will be accessible to the most people possible, Bella is consistently challenging her audience with some of the most raunchy and boundary-pushing smut we've ever seen. Just look at some of the flicks she's done in 2010 - the stunning beauty of The Best of Lexi Belle, the filthy, bathroom fuckery of Hole in the Wall and the grimy beauty of CVRBONGiRL... the list could go on and on. Bella, let's make a deal - you keep making the world's greatest fuck flicks and we'll keep buying them... and maybe you could marry us too?


Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Evil Angel titles have a way of becoming hits on the VOD scene. If you wonder why that might be, take a look at some of their more popular titles. Gape 'em All. Face Fucking Inc. Evil Cuckold. Rocco's Bitch Party. Bitchcraft. CVRBONGIRL. These are filthy films for filthy minds. They're the kind of movies that make you feel like you need a shower or two after furiously whacking off to them. They're the kind of movies you want to watch in their entirely and then delete your browsing history before your wife/girlfriend/mom sees the tennis-ball-sized gapes you were jerking yourself to. With the stable of legendary directors like Rocco Siffredi, Jake Malone, Belladonna, Jay Sin, the late John Leslie and the Department of Justice's best pal John Stagliano, there is simply no fucking stopping Evil Angel.


Big Butt Cowgirl Pinups Boxcover

Big Butt Cowgirl Pinups

Honestly, we can't quite articulate what it is about a cowgirl outfit that gets me (and so many of our viewers) so worked up. There's some kind of je ne sais quoi about the cowboy hat that just seems to make our collective cocks stand up at attention and demand some furious fuckmaking. But since we can't seem to define exactly what that is, we're gonna go ahead and attribute this movie's success solely to Phoenix Marie's absolutely exquisite ass. The thing's fucking perfect, and nobody in the right mind would pass up a chance to watch this beautiful blonde bizzo get screwed.


Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pussy Image

Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pussy

Even though Sasha Grey has scaled back her adult industry work since last years mainstream turn in The Girlfriend Experience and Entourage (leading some people to say the once slutterific pornstar has gone a little too Hollywood), you folks fell in love with her all over again with the Sasha Grey Creampie Pussy. Maybe it's the realistic molding of this little princesses cooze or the fact that it's close ended to let you cum inside her and watch it drip out, this marks the second year in a row that a sex toy molded after Ms. Grey has won this catagory.


James Deen Headshot

James Deen

It's pretty difficult to determine who the best twitterer is out of the hundreds of adult performers currently on the social networking site. However, one person often shines a little brighter than the others. Whether it be the random tweets of absurdity or the 140 characters of crass beligerence, this year, we had a sneaking suspicion that our winner might be James Deen. If you follow this already legendary male performer, then you already know that to follow him is to receive frequent updates from the edge of decency. Deen's sheer willingness to shock, entertain and simply delight his followers with the extraordinary circumstances of his life make him a must follow twitterer.


Joanna Angel Headshot

Joanna Angel

www.xoxojoannaangel.com might be the perfect porn blog. From it's regular, in-depth updates from the porn princess herself, Joanna Angel, to the humor and hardcore photos and videos she inbeds within it's pages, http://www.xoxojoannaangel.com is a porn fans dream come true. As a wildly recognized porn star of the highest order, Joanna still remains somewhat on the outside bringing her own unique perspective and sub-culture into the world of mundane, southern California typical porn. With a rabid respect and love for her fans, it's not hard to understand why they rewarded her big-time with this win.


In a stunning turn of events, TLA RAW has decided to award the 2011 TLA RAW Award for Best Freakout of the Year to those pornstars and well... anyone who had sex with Charlie Sheen this year. Congratulations! Sorry you can't vote in this category but honestly, would you have voted for anyone else?

Details of the TLA Raw Awards

  • Nominees were selected by our staff of well-educated adult product retailers.
  • All nominees will be notified via email.
  • Award winners will be announced April 15th.
  • Voting is open to everyone. There is no limit on the number of votes you may cast.
  • Losers can petition for a recount by contacting TLARAW.com via communication. Results may vary.
  • Categories are subject to change annually based on no pre-defined set of criteria.

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