Elder Lindsay: Chapters 1-5

By Mormon Boyz



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Elder Lindsay is new to the mission, but he has the confidence of an experienced missionary. With his good looks and charming personality, people are always happy to give him what he wants. Naturally he's pretty cocky. On his first day as a missionary he brazenly seduces his mission companion and takes the boy's virginity. Elder Lindsay thinks he can keep this transgression secret, but it's not long before the two boys are at it again. Only this time, Elder Lindsay's confidence leads to carelessness and he's caught. But his church leaders don't put an end to his erotic exploration - they introduce him to Mormonism's gay sex cult, sure that the boy has what it takes to become one of them.

Personal Study: Elder Lindsay wakes up promptly at 6:30 AM. It's his first day in the mission field. He showers, then puts on his missionary attire for his 7:00 AM personal study. But he's always horny in the morning. As soon as his new missionary companion hops in the shower, Elder Lindsay picks up the sacred undergarments his companion wore the day before and buries his face in them. The smell of the other boy's balls instantly gives him an erection.

Companionship Inventory: Elder Lindsay and Elder Ricci have had a long day of knocking on doors, but Elder Lindsay can't stop fantasizing about his companion. When they get back to their apartment, they plop down on Elder Ricci's bed to discuss their day. Elder Ricci has no idea what's in store for him, but Elder Lindsay is determined to get into the other boy's pants.

Preparation Day: Every week, missionaries get one day to do their laundry and grocery shopping. This week the missionaries in the zone have gathered in front of the church to play some outdoor sports. Elder Lindsay and Elder Ricci sneak into the church building to escape the heat. The church is totally silent, so Lindsay thinks it's probably safe to pull the stage curtains closed and get naked.

Inspection: Brother Johnson caught Elder Ricci and Elder Lindsay having sex at church. But he didn't stop them - in fact, he joined the fun. Afterwards, he invited the boys to join a secret priesthood organization called The Order, a mysterious group of high priests who initiate new members into their ranks through a series of sexual rituals dating back to the church's founding. After being deemed promising candidates for initiation, Elder Lindsay is called in for a physical inspection at the hands of Bishop Angus.

Ordination: Elder Lindsay is invited to the Temple to be ordained to the Higher Priesthood. He has learned that the true method of conferring priesthood is through insemination, and the time has come for his initiatory breeding. He's instructed to wait in a room bathed in bright, white light. Because of his excitement, he absent-mindedly begins to rub his stiffening cock.

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  • Length: 2 hrs. 20 mins.
  • Rating: XXX
  • Released: Oct 06 2017
  • Added: Oct 06 2017
  • Production Year: 2017
  • TLA SKU: 1934260

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