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Lovebirds is wonderful and touching story about family, growing up and finding love.

Mario has found true love. For the past few months he has been corresponding with Alexis, a handsome young man from Spain, over the internet. While only an online romance, Mario is just wild for the guy. Alexis has already decided he feels the same so they decide to meet at Marios home town in the Philippines. But there is one small problem, Mario has never told his family that he is gay. Things are turned upside when Alexis arrives and Marios mom figures out that he is not a girl. Alexis arrival, and subsequent feast, causes a series misunderstandings, out right lies and hurt feelings. But after some time everyone comes around in this tender, humorous and heart felt story.


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Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
Meeting the Guy
Amos Lassen
Alexis (Joseph Izon) comes to the Philippines to meet Mario (Andres Alexis Fernandez), a guy he been chatting with online. Alexis is Filipino and a custom of the Philippines is that visitors are ... Read More

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