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Baloney Gay Cinema DVD


$19.99Editor's Pick

This funny, sexy and fascinating new documentary from director Joshua Guerci follows an all-male burlesque show as the cast rehearses for their infamous New Year's Eve performance. Through a mix of interviews, rehearsal footage and filmed performances, Baloney captures the group's unique combination of humor, confession and sex positivity in ways that directly reflect the private fantasies of people who come to the show.

Here Comes Your Man: Season Two Gay Cinema DVD

Here Comes Your Man: Season Two

$19.99Editor's Pick

A charming, funny, sexy and refreshingly realistic gay series from director Omar Salas Zamora, Here Comes Your Man follows the relationship of two very different young men who tried to make love work, but hit many roadblocks along the way. Season Two picks up after they have parted ways. We follows Aaron and Jordan on their separate romantic adventures… until they’re reunited. Don’t miss this terrific gay rom-com series.

Wildhood Gay Cinema DVD


$19.99Editor's Pick

Link (Phillip Lewitski) lives with his toxic father and younger half-brother (Avery Winters-Anthony) in a rural trailer park. When he discovers that his mother could still be alive, it lights a flame inside him. Soon, he and his brother make a run for a better life. On the road they meet Pasmay (Joshua Odjick), a pow-wow dancer drawn to Link. Along their journey, Link finds community, identity, and love in a land where he finally belongs.

Night at the Eagle Inn Gay Cinema DVD

Night at the Eagle Inn

$14.99Editor's Pick

Twins Spencer and Sarah (Taylor Turner and Amelia Dudley) visit a remote Vermont inn looking for their missing father. The uncanny innkeeper (Greg Schweers) and the attractive groundskeeper (Beau Minniear), alluring to both twins, guide them through the institution's tragic and terrifying history. Night at the Eagle Inn is a fast-paced, queer-friendly horror-mystery laden with intrigue, black comedy and plenty of scares.

The Nostalgia Collection Gay Cinema DVD

The Nostalgia Collection

$89.99Editor's Pick

Fans of underground gay erotica won't want to miss this amazing new collector’s set from cult filmmaker Toby Ross. The Nostalgia Collection includes six sexually-explicit films which take a look back at bygone eras while celebrating male beauty. This new six-disc set includes the films Bill Eld: American Pop Culture Icon, Cruisin' 57, Rock n Roll Dreams,Paper Dreams, Toby Ross and the '70s and Once in a Blue Moon.

CUT! Gay Cinema DVD


$19.99Editor's Pick

Marcos (Marc Ferrer) is a maligned filmmaker immersed in his new project. When a series of grisly murders are discovered around Barcelona, they seem to to lead back to him. Marcos soon finds that he needs to keep making his low-budget films if he wants to survive. CUT! is a colorful and lovingly over-the-top homage to Italian thrillers of the 1970s - this time with queer characters and high doses of homoeroticism.

Dry Wind Gay Cinema VOD
Down in Paris Gay Cinema VOD

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This Weekend’s VOD Favorites - Read More Now!

This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

We’re always searching for new movies to add to our growing catalog of Gay Cinema titles available on-demand. Here’s just five of our current favorites, from various years, that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! These aren’t out TOP 5, by any means – just a handful of flicks we wanted to highlight. Have a great movie night!


Coming Soon: Baloney

Watch the trailer for this excellent new documentary. Baloney follows the founders and cast of an all-male burlesque troupe in San Francisco as they prepare for one of their notorious shows. The film tells the story of people who use comedy, music, dance and their own sexuality to push back against a world which is quick to silence kinky, queer and gender non-conforming attitudes.


Trailer Alert: Wildhood

One of the most acclaimed gay films of 2022, at least so far, Wildhood stars Phillip Lewitski as a young man from a troubled home who escapes with his little brother in search of a mother he thought was deceased. Along the way, he meets another young man, starts to fall in love and finds a sense of community. Check out the trailer for this profoundly moving new drama.

Here Comes Your Man: Season Two

Here Comes Your Man is back!

Here Comes Your Man is back with a whole new installment! Though lead lovers Aaron and Jordan (Jason Alan Clarke and Calvin Picou) parted ways at the end of the first season, we now get to follow them on their own separate adventures. We also catch up with both old and new friends who are looking for love in modern day Los Angeles. Click below to watch a short teaser trailer!


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