King Cobra (Blu-ray + DVD Combo)

King Cobra (Blu-ray + DVD Combo)

By Cinedigm



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It's 2006, YouTube is in its infancy, and internet porn is still behind a pay-wall. Taking the stage name Brent Corrigan, a fresh-faced, wannabe adult video performer (Garrett Clayton) is molded into a star by Stephen (Christian Slater), a closeted gay porn mogul who runs the skin flick empire Cobra Video from his seemingly ordinary suburban home. But as Brent's rise and demands for more money put him at odds with his boss, he also attracts the attention of a rival producer (James Franco) and his unstable lover (Keegan Allen) who will stop at nothing to squash Cobra Video and steal its number one star.

Reasons to Buy

  1. Based on the 'stranger-than-fiction' true story of Cobra Video, King Cobra is a deliciously dark, twisted plunge into the behind-the-scenes world of the gay porn industry.
  2. Though it's not an accurate account (creative liberties have been taken), the film also follows the rise of gay porn icon Brent Corrigan - a TLA favorite also known for his work as Sean Paul Lockhart in films like Truth, Judas Kiss, Kissing Darkness and I Was a Teenage Werebear.
  3. Produced by James Franco, King Cobra features an excellent all-star cast, including Christian Slater, Alicia Silverstone, Molly Ringwald and up-and-comer Garrett Clayton as the object of everyone's obsession.

DVD Features

Audio Commentary with Director/Co-Writer Justin Kelly

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