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The sexually explicit new gay film Always Say Yes follows Hector (Gerardo Torres Rodriguez), a gay man living in Mexico who travels from Hermosillo to Mexico City with the hope of posing naked for Feral, a sex-positive photography collective. Leaving both his friends and his inhibitions behind, Hector is determined to experiment and play out all of his various desires in real life, without limits. He makes a promise to himself to always say yes to every new situation, no matter what the consequences may be. A raw and explicit examination of sexuality and desire, Always Say Yes features brave, completely uninhibited performances from a game cast. Warning: This film contains graphic scenes of unsimulated sex acts. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.


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5 Reviews for Always Say Yes

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4.00 out of 5

Review by obilivion

By: obilivion
Life's happiness and misfortune are hard to predict, and luck is not pleasing.
Misfortune is not saddened either.
"Saiou's horse" experienced by Hector on a weekend trip.
3.00 out of 5

Review by Thomas Carley

By: Thomas Carley
This filmmaker reminds me a lot of Bruce LaBruce in the way he films and tells his story. It is erotic but also has heart, and for those from the early 80s, it reminds me of those times. Watch this movie and judge it for yourself.
4.00 out of 5

Review by sillytee

By: sillytee
i actually liked this movie. i don't mind it being plotless. i liked the voyeurism of following the main character's trek through mexico city. to be honest, the sex scenes weren't as explicit as i'd like them to be. i wanted more. i enjoy real sex in... Read More
1.50 out of 5

Review by Always Say Yes

By: Always Say Yes
This moving was a waste of my time and money. It doesn't have a good store line and you can tell it was low budget. I thought it would of have been better than what I just seen. It looks like a vintage porno. The. It keeps popping up these subtitle h... Read More
4.25 out of 5

Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
"Always Say Yes"
Sexuality and Desire
Amos Lassen
It has been a long time since I have seen a well-made sexually explicit erotic film. I feel that if the eroticism and the storyline do not complement each other and come together then w... Read More

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