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The challenges of a young gay male couple who decide to have a baby are explored in The Dream Children, an Australian melodrama set in the early 2000s. Hunky architect Alex (Nicholas Gunn) wants a child while his partner, TV game show host, Steven (Graeme Squires) is closeted at work and not all too keen on exposing himself to public scrutiny. Adding to the problem is the government's policy against same-sex adoptions and their own far from settled home life. The decide to illegally hire a surrogate mother to carry the baby, but the woman, a bit homophobic, plots her own scheme to get more money from the couple.


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2.00 out of 5

Review by LEinTucson

By: LEinTucson
Hmmm...when your premise is based on guys wanting to adopt--at any cost, you have to wonder why they would even consider the woman they ultimately choose. Keep looking around, pay more to someone else, find someone who wants to give birth to a healt... Read More
4.25 out of 5

Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
"The Dream Children"

Finding Meaning in a Superficial World

Amos Lassen

Steven Evans (Graeme Squires) is an Australian TV personality but he lives a life of superficiality. The sad thing is that he created this himsel... Read More

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