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Mr. Man

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Want to tantalize your tastebuds with towel dropping delights? This Mr. Man playlist features supremely hot guys coming out of a shower in nothing but a towel, and then dropping it! Adam Levine walks out of a shower into a locker room, dropping his towel and revealing his sensationally sexy ass in Maroon 5 - This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherfucker. Antonio Banderas shows some amazing full frontal in False Eyelash. Taylor Kitsch walks out of the bathroom in just a towel, sporting some wood, and then baring his butt while a lady gives him a bj in True Detective. Eddie Redmayne loses his towel, briefly bares his butt, and jumps into the arms of his boy toy Unax Ugalde in Savage Grace. Rob Lowe heats up the locker room by showing off his jockstrap bulge and ass in Youngblood. Jerry O'Connell whips off his towel in the locker room in Tomcats. Pablo Puyol drops his towel to reveal an amazing ass in Boystown. Lenny Porterfield loses his towel to show off his cock and balls in The Wolf. Jakob Renger hits the locker room, shucks his towel, and shows it all in Gabriel. Amine Ennaji loses his towel and quickly flashes his butt while getting dressed in Salvation Army. Michael Rooker loses his towel to reveal a nice rump and a hint of sack in Mallrats. Matthew Lillard makes the most of a beach party by stripping down and going for a dip in Summer Catch. Taylor Lacher shows off his ding dong and derriere while drying off after a shower in Devil Times Five. Johnny Rapid bares his butt before slipping into a swimsuit to show off his killer package in I'm A Porn Star. Don Johnson bares his butt in the pool while Gregory Harrison, Bruno Kirby, and Elliott Street go all out with full frontal in The Harrad Experiment. Jesus Ochoa teases his tush before he puts his boxer shorts on and takes the television in El Segundo Aire. Tanc Sade is wet, ripped, and ready to argue in Matador.

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  • Length: 20 mins.
  • Rating: XXX
  • Released: Feb 05 2018
  • Added: Feb 05 2018
  • TLA SKU: 1939013

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