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RJ and Chris are poster boys for the Mormon Church: both have pretty girlfriends, were Eagle Scouts at a young age and have perfect academic records. Now, it's their turn to serve a mission and experience the Mormon rite of passage.

Unknown to them, serving a mission will not only open the doors to strangers' households - where they preach the Gospel - but it will open up secrets in their own lives - and feelings that they've long kept buried...

The Falls captures the lives of two American teens struggling to make sense of the conflict between their worlds, their desires, and each other. What they ultimately discover is a challenge to them both, but also an affirmation to the human spirit.

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9 Reviews for Falls, The

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Review by Robert O'Neill

By: Robert O'Neill
In-House Review - Oct 19 2012
In this must-see new romantic drama, two Mormon missionaries fall unexpectedly in love and risk their future in the Church to be together.

In the Mormon religion, all young men have a duty to serve God through two years of missionary ser... Read More

Review by Film watcher

By: Film watcher
A story of 2 religious boys who met on a mission. Their love is really convincing, though the ending left you wondered where love stands in this prejudice world. In summary, I would highly recommend this film to any gay, straight, and everyone. It... Read More

Review by Michael X

By: Michael X
Very good writing, the principal actors could not be more believable, no histrionics from the actors portraying the missionaries or actors representing the Church. Just a level-headed account of two cohabiting Mormon missionaries who fall in love sho... Read More

Review by rainbowguy

By: rainbowguy
This is a cheap spin-off of "Latter Days," with too much Mormon holiness practice and unbelievably slow acting and a dragging plot. It's not as bad as some gay flicks TLA has released, but I think it will only appeal to gay Mormons who have been ther... Read More

Review by Anson

By: Anson
I try to support small, independent gay-themed films, but often the acting is so bad, its painful.

Not here. Every single actor - no matter how small their role - is convincing and compelling. Elders Smith and Merrill are affecting enough... Read More

Review by wcoz

By: wcoz
It's a remake of LATTER DAY.And the blone/red hair guy can't act .

Review by been there

By: been there
I was so excited to see this subject, a frequent fantasy for gay Mormons, arrive in a full length movie. This is a touching film, tender and raw and sweet. There are some slow parts, some flaws, and the ending left me with the feeling that more was... Read More

Review by bigboynz

By: bigboynz
Maybe I am missing something here, but I found this offering predictable and tiresome.

Perhaps I was swallowed in by the little wreaths at the top of the casing showing it had been accepted for various film festivals,,,,,,,,or perhaps I e... Read More

Review by just a reviewer

By: just a reviewer
.....young men and their love for Jesus Christ, family, church (and, sometimes, possibly each other) is near enthralling....and watchable again and again.

A "Realistic Primer" (in the film's beginning) of the daily lives of Young Couples (... Read More

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