Seeing Heaven



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Paul is a hustler with captivating looks and a dark gift. As he drifts from client to client, he finds that his sexual encounters are triggering visions of his long lost twin. Determined to solve the mystery of his brother's whereabouts, Paul seeks out more partners and more dangerous encounters in order to fully unleash his visions. As his nightmares turn increasingly morbid - revealing a masked killer in pursuit of his brother - Paul's sexual partners begin to share in his chilling visions. Soon his risky behavior puts him in the company of a suspicious cast of characters - ones that could even be tied to the masked killer of his nightmares.

In the vein of David Lynch, Seeing Heaven is an erotic thriller that rivets viewers with its chilling imagery and its expressionistic tale of sexual subversion. Behind The Couch calls it "an intriguing blend of Bava-like visuals, provocative concepts and unnerving thrills."

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4 Reviews for Seeing Heaven

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Review by Dudley Best

By: Dudley Best
In-House Review - Sep 13 2012
Belying its low budget, first-time film director Ian Powell has created a moody, at times creepy, very sexy and intensely atmospheric thriller about a young male prostitute haunted by nightmares which may very well come true.

When you ar... Read More

Review by DrkJediKnght

By: DrkJediKnght
I really enjoyed this movie! I am not at all into thrillers but this is one of those movies that tugs at the core of so many of our human emotions. The filming, acting, sets - all very well done. Even as it explores some very deep (and messed up s... Read More
3.00 out of 5

Review by ManToyNY

By: ManToyNY
Beautifully filmed. Well acted. When you get to the end of film and the protagonist's mystery is resolved, we're given the message: no porn is good porn but barebacking is really and truly evil. Some people will agree. Other people's heads will ... Read More

Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
"Seeing Heaven"
A Journey
Amos Lassen
Paul is a good-looking young escort who has strange dreams that he does not understand at all. His clients share his dreams and this scares him as well as excites him, Paul once had a twin brother ... Read More

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