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Nine sexy, shocking and always intriguing films from Juanma Carrillo, Spain's most exciting queer filmmaker. Take an explicit trip through a cruising ground in the body of a curious guy, peek in to the bedroom of a couple as they discover themselves and each other, take your place on the dance floor in a sexually-charged club or watch the aftermath of a casual hook up in the back of a car. These stories and more feature in this stirring collection.

Cannibals (2009, 20 min.)

Just 10 minutes away from the heart of the city, hundreds of hungry men meet by chance, by stealth. Some of them are looking for quick and easy sex, others want to avoid loneliness. Most of them are looking for themselves.

Consequence (2010, 10 min.)

Life happens, and everyone who passes through your life takes something from you. Some will remove it all! These are the consequences of repeatedly walking the razors edge. Does time really heals all wounds? And if so, how long it take to grow back hope? Consequence is the result of a performance which occurred in Madrid in March 2010. Filmed in HD with 20 actors.

Dishonored Bodies (2010, 11 min.)

To love, to be loved, to love love, to be devoured by love. Carrillo explores sex and attraction in this dark, visually seductive experimental piece. Featuring adorable, drool-worthy lead actor Juan Caballero, who (thankfully for us) turns up in much of the director's work.

Fuckbuddies (2011, 6 min.)

Two hot and horny masculine men meet up a lunchtime and find themselves racing the clock to have fast, satisfying car sex just outside the city. This one, steamy and proudly explicit, made us break a sweat!

1941 (2013, 13 min.)

A dark a disturbing tribute to one of the hardest years in the history of the twentieth century - when Europe was drained in an all-out war in which treason, death and violence corrupted all layers of society.

Perfect Day (2010, 19 min.)

Part of an as-yet-unfinished trilogy entitled Cover Me, in which Carrillo and co-director Felix Fernandez develop a creative work about loneliness and affective-emotional relationships. This work connects to a changing energy and the pursuit of an ideal that vanishes at the approach of bodies. Each frame is a scanned friction between the sublime and the everyday in every sexual encounter.

Scaffolding (2012, 14 min.)

Our favorite film in the collection - and the movie that put Carrillo on the map - Scaffolding is a simple, but heartwarming romantic gem. Eduardo, a snob and grumpy journalist, and David, a shy literature student, are neighbors in a building under maintenance. For six months they have never greeted each other until the appearance of a scaffold which will uncover unexpected reactions in each of them.

Une Sensation de vide (2011, 6 min.)

A project for The LOOP Festival in Barcelona, this short explores the social and collective expression of celebration from many possible points of view: the symbols of power related to social rituals, the construction of a collective identity, as well as the family environment and the concept of tradition and ceremony. Plus it's just fun to dance and party!

Wall (2010, 5 min.)

Waiting, craving, listening, downing... Miguel wants to hear what Peter has to say. So do we.


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6 Reviews for Dishonored Bodies

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1.50 out of 5

Review by GadgetGuy

By: GadgetGuy
A terrible, dull collection of stories many of which involve heterosexual couples and themes, and hardly any nudity at all. The cover shot and the title are very misleading as none of it was erotic. Why is this even offered? Don't waste your money li... Read More

Review by birdutters

By: birdutters
Miss this boring and profoundly forgettable (and promotes a limp dick) collection of unimaginative short films from some Spanish filmmaker Juanma Carrillo.
The so-called director, producer, photographer and musician, Carrillo has been working in... Read More

Review by MovieBuff

By: MovieBuff
This is one of the worst films I have ever bought, they always use the 2 naked guys on the cover to trick you! LMAO.

I literally fast forwarded though the whole thing what a waste of time. I thought I had seen some bad films but this takes... Read More

Review by redmatt

By: redmatt
This is one of the worst DVD's that I ever ordered from tla. It is completely horrible. I could not even finish this inane, foolish, and boring crap!

Review by Laurent

By: Laurent
The only enjoyable one on the whole DVD was Scaffolding.

The rest were a 1/2 star at best. Very disappointing

Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
Spanish director Juanma Carrillo brings us nine short films that are shocking and explore passionate gay sex and romance. There is a lot to see here whether it us a guy looking for sex or those who find it and where. We get nine separate stories all ... Read More

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