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Blue Citrus Hearts

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BLUE CITRUS HEARTS is the story of a boy who loves a boy. Sam and Julian are high school best friends full of vibrant teen angst. This is their bittersweet tale of moving poetry and the unique experience of boy love in Memphis.

Sam's struggle against an abusive father, his oblivious girlfriend, and thoughts of suicide clash while his affection deepens for Julian.

This first love high school romance is as beautiful as the unexpected shooting star at the end of the film.


  • Director: Morgan Jon Fox
  • Producer: Morgan Jon Fox
  • Writer: Morgan Jon Fox
  • Length: 1 hrs. 27 mins.
  • Rating: NR
  • Released: Jan 11 2005
  • Production Year: 2004
  • TLA SKU: 1875707
  • Custodian of Records:
    Ariztical Entertainment
    12400 Ventura Blvd. Suite 686 Studio City, CA 91604


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4 Reviews for Blue Citrus Hearts

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Review by Scott Cranin

By: Scott Cranin
In-House Review - Sep 21 2011
Artfully gritty, Morgan Jon Fox's Blue Citrus Hearts is an emotional powerhouse of a film that tells of a love so strong, and so unexpressed, it burns. This is the story of Sam and Julien, two teenage boys in love in Memphis, Tenn and their difficult... Read More
2.00 out of 5

Review by Charlienan

By: Charlienan
The story seems to be very good but the director allowed the background to be too loud in so many places that it disturbed the enjoyment which should be there.
4.00 out of 5

Review by Codan

By: Codan
Yes, the audio is a bit off. Yes, the acting is not the best. Yes, the wind kills the sound at the ending. But still, but still, I love the poetry. I love Sam and Julien, and Sam's mom, and the music, great music, the playfulness, and Julien's flay... Read More
3.00 out of 5

Review by Niceguy

By: Niceguy
Maybe I need to watch this film again, and I will, but on first viewing I didn't clutch a pillow to my chest and disolve into a puddle of sympathy and empathy for Julien, who is particularly miserable, or Sam who had his act together far better than ... Read More

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