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A follow-up to the hit 2009 Shank, this startling and impassioned drama follows a young gay man searching for love, respect and acceptance. Twenty-year-old Cal (Wayne Virgo, reprising his role) returns home to Britain from France after receiving news that his mother is ill. He finds his home city of Bristol facing hard economic times - with poverty and crime on the rise. While navigating his way across the new landscape, he meets Jason (Tom Payne), a young student in need of help. Unfortunately, Cal's kindness toward Jason brings him into contact with some very dangerous locals.


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Review by Raymond Murray

By: Raymond Murray
In-House Review - Jul 01 2013
Set in the economically depressed England of today, Cal is a startlingly powerful drama of a young gay man lost and the visceral follow-up to the hit 2009 film Shank.

Twenty-year-old Cal (Wayne Virgo, reprising his role from the original... Read More

Review by JimSur212

By: JimSur212
I am so fed up with watching gay films on this site that end in hopelessness and despair. It's 2014, we have gay marriage spreading across the glob and our films should offer hope! We damn well deserve some happy endings. Enough depressing crap.

Review by ptab

By: ptab
It doesn't pick up where Shank ended, but I still liked it. It wasn't as uplifting as some gay themed movies that I've seen over the years. This one I found thought provoking, but also depressing, didn't expect the ending.

Review by Justyn Thyme

By: Justyn Thyme
I utterly reject the nihilism of this film. Shank was good because the film was ultimately uplifting and courageous. Cal loses because the film is despairing and damning. without hope or meaning in the end. My copy is in the garbage, finished. .

Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
Retuning to Britain after learning that his mother has become ill, Cal sees that the poor economy has cause his hometown to experience rioting and looting almost every night. Unemployment, especially among youth, has hit a high. His aunt, Jane, has m... Read More

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