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This raucous sex comedy tells the story of a "straight" Texas fratboy who realizes that maybe all his man-on-man fantasies, going down on his buddies, and falling for the only openly gay student on campus means he just might be queer.


  • Director: David Lewis
  • Producer: H.P. Mendoza
  • Producer: Lewis Tice
  • Writer: David Lewis
  • Length: 1 hrs. 14 mins.
  • Rating: NR
  • Released: Nov 15 2011
  • Production Year: 2011
  • TLA SKU: 1743105
  • Custodian of Records:
    TLA Releasing
    35 Rumson Road Rumson, NJ 07760


average rating
out of 5

7 Reviews for Longhorns

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Review by Raymond Murray

By: Raymond Murray
In-House Review - Jun 16 2011
Who knew that über-serious filmmaker David Lewis (Redwoods, Rock Haven) not only had a great sense of humor but ended up making the funniest, wildest, gay sex comedy since Another Gay Movie!

The setting is a Texas college, circa 1982 - w... Read More

Review by GS

By: GS
Wow -- what an incredibly bad movie! I had such high hopes, but this was one of those I'm definitely sorry I spent any time or money on. The lines really weren't funny, the plot was meaningless, and what was the point of setting it in the 80s? Don'... Read More

Review by RedHotJeff

By: RedHotJeff
If you want a movie filled with muscle daddies, tons of sex and nudity...keep looking. If you want a fun, simple fluff story with attractive young men, a simple plot and brief glimpses full frontal nudity this is it. Will Longhorns go down in the "... Read More

Review by truthaboutmovie

By: truthaboutmovie
You could spend words upon words to explain why longhorns is a bad bad movie yet, why would you waste the time? Perhaps because dissecting the path to such a pointless movie making effort may be the best way of clarifying its worthless nature. The se... Read More

Review by Birdutters

By: Birdutters
Sad tale, of miscasting. I agree with the other reviewer, why is the out gay odd looking and acting. Nothing happens in this movie, Yawner.

Review by Hairy Daddy

By: Hairy Daddy
I bought this DVD. Since this cute story isn't rated, I guess I was expecting more. I put the remote in another room to prevent me from fast forwarding through the whole production. Why is the gay man the most unusual looking, yawn...Dylan Vox should... Read More
4.00 out of 5

Review by mjtla

By: mjtla
Longhorns is marketed as a sex comedy set in the '80's -sort of a gay Porky's. And there's lots of horny college boys jerking off and helping each other out. But there is a very pleasant surprise when the viewer finds himself caring about these cha... Read More

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