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"Luna Park" is the home away from home for the stars of a popular gay porn company while on location. Alexia, an ex-actress turned producer, has her mute younger brother Christi managing her infamous apartment building. Everyday, Christi gets his own personal peep shows by hiding in the closets and watching the porn actors in states of off-camera arousal. When Christi gets caught spying on the company's hunk du-jour, his sister decides to send her streetwise minion Maxwell to clean things up.

But even in the hustle and bustle of porno luxury, love can blossom. When Maxwell falls for the captivating Christi, the secrets of Alexia's past could prove toxic to the boys' young love. In the land of skin and sin, nothing is out of bounds. Welcome to Luna Park.

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Reasons to Buy

  1. Newcomers Michael Brent and Taylor Caldwell are looking like a pretty sexy pair based on the DVD cover.
  2. Who wouldn't want to go back into the closet if it meant that you could spy on super-hot gay porn stars in their most intimate moments?
  3. Director Steven Vasquez knows his way around an erotic drama. He is the same guy behind Sideline Secrets, A Siren in the Dark and the highly anticipated Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood.


  • Director: Steven Vasquez
  • Writer: Steven Vasquez
  • Rating: NR
  • Released: Feb 12 2013
  • Added: Nov 03 2015
  • TLA SKU: 1761519
  • UPC Code: 631008074290
  • Catalog #: DV32835702
  • Custodian of Records:
    Ariztical Entertainment
    405 E. Wetmire RD 117-516 Tucson AZ 85705


5 Reviews for Luna Park

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Review by Robert O'Neill

By: Robert O'Neill
In-House Review - Jan 03 2013
Alexia, a B-movie scream queen with a dark past, lives in New York, but owns property in Los Angeles that she is renting out to a gay porn company for their film shoots. While she is away, she has left her equally troubled, mute younger brother Chris... Read More

Review by ParkerL-84

By: ParkerL-84
LUNA PARK is a valid attempt of a film. It is obviously low budget and there is room for some better acting, but the story itself is interesting and packs some twists and turns. I appreciate how the film uses pieces of the original short film, ROSE &... Read More

Review by David

By: David
Just bad. That's all. Don't waste your time or money.

Review by Shane Hoskins

By: Shane Hoskins
Steven Vasquez returns with another dark entry to his film library, this time entitled LUNA PARK.
LUNA PARK is a full length spin-off of an award-winning short film, ROSE & ALEXANDER.
LUNA PARK has all the touches of a Steven Vasquez film... Read More

Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
Sometimes I watch a movie and have a good time watching even though I have no idea as to what it is about. That is the case with "Luna Park". I had a really hard time following the story but the nudity got me through that. Basically the story is some... Read More

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