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Jackson Jones (Justin Herwick) skates the streets of L.A. with lust in his soul and poetry in his veins. Jackson's got boys, love and lust on the mind! After an all-night orgy, he falls in love with Billy (Jonah Blechman), but that doesn't keep him from juggling a whole bunch of hot boys at the same time. This post-punk, neo-romantic comedy takes us on a wild sexual journey.

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Reasons to Buy

  1. Originally released in 2002, Luster is coming back to DVD after a long time out of print - at a new low price and available exclusively through!
  2. A refreshing departure from the typical gay love story, Luster is director Everett Lewis' raw, tender and darkly comic look at young punks in love.
  3. This post-punk, neo-romantic comedy takes us on a wild sexual journey through a seemingly all-queer L.A. Luster is non-rated and contains full-frontal male nudity and some heavy-duty homoeroticism.


  • Director: Everett Lewis
  • Writer: Everett Lewis
  • Rating: NR
  • Released: May 05 2015
  • Added: Nov 03 2015
  • TLA SKU: 1761472
  • UPC Code: 758149700274
  • Catalog #: DR18859511
  • Custodian of Records:
    TLA Releasing
    35 Rumson Road Rumson, NJ 07760


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10 Reviews for Luster

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Review by Raymond Murray

By: Raymond Murray
In-House Review - Feb 11 2015
Luster is a hip, irreverent and refreshingly funny take on today's queerboy world of lust, sex and unrequited love.

Queercore-loving Jackson (Justin Herwick) is a lanky, blue-haired record store employee and poet who wakes up one post-or... Read More

Review by Dave55

By: Dave55
Luster is one of my all-time favorite films. I'm not going to take up space listing the reasons why; other reviewers have covered this already. If you're not put off by quirky low-budget films, you should definitely see this movie. It has a vibe t... Read More

Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
Refreshing, Funny, and Sexy
Amos Lassen
Unrequited love is usually not much fun and neither is it sexy nor refreshing. At least it is not until you see "Luster" (Here! TV). Jackson is a cute, lanky frustrated poet who works i... Read More
4.00 out of 5

Review by JANORM

This is a story line that tries to portray a lifestyle that best can be described as lies, drugs, sex, alcohol, and violence. Unless you have lived and experience these conditions, and survived, your appreciation of what is protrayed is very minimal... Read More
2.00 out of 5

Review by Luis Rolando

By: Luis Rolando
Sure, a blue-haired protagonist will catch anyone's attention whether the movie is gay-themed or not, but that's about the only thing Luster's got going for it. A flimsy excuse for a plot laced with a creepy S&M ambience mixed with poor acting and ch... Read More

Review by q

By: q
I ordered this dvd after reading the editorial comments as well as customer reviews. Also, it was recommended to me by as well. What a huge disappointment. The film is completely self-aware and self-conscious in trying to be hip and cool a... Read More
4.00 out of 5

Review by Len_1

By: Len_1
Often times I ask myself the question of "love" and end up going through my checklist of requirments/reciprocity. Watching this moving graphically portrayed the events I play out in everyday life concerning "love" This an Awesome movie in that the ch... Read More
4.00 out of 5

Review by JD

By: JD
I haven't seen such a well made independent movie with a gay theme in quite a while. This movie has a great story line. It doees however have an unexpected event that you would never think would happen in the movie until it does. It catches you of... Read More
3.00 out of 5

Review by Netguy

By: Netguy
I knew this was going to be a "cool" flick from the opening credits that just list the first names of the cast and crew, but it isn't without its flaws as well. Namely some campy acting, a customer in a record store squealing for Madonna, to numerous... Read More
4.00 out of 5

Review by Jed Ryan

By: Jed Ryan
"Luster" was the opening night movie of the 2002 Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. I saw it, I liked it, I recommend it! Like in "Circuit" or "When Boys Fly"(the other movies that played at the Fest), the men in "Luster" aren't above numbing... Read More

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