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TLA Ready Disc

Dear Filmmakers & Producers...

Do you have a feature film that is not in traditional distribution? Still paying off those credit cards that helped make the film? Make Money Now through TLAGay!

TLAReady Disc is an exciting alternative distribution model for filmmakers to get their work out to our large base of eager, movie-loving customers. We would love for you to become a part of it.

With this simple program, TLAGay will promote & market your film to our over 100,000 active gay customers & then manufacture copies of the film based on consumer demand. This keeps costs low, affording you a much higher royalty on sales.

We have hundreds of films that we offer through this initiative & the filmmakers have been very happy with the results.

"I am so excited to make these two films available to the public through TLA. It's so great that TLA is providing the public with an opportunity to see films that would not be allowed on other online platforms due to their sexual content. TLA is definitely the leader in LGBT entertainment & it is an honor to have their endorsement & support." - Reid Waterer, director of Global Warming

"For a film-maker it is thrilling that modern technology allows a new audience to re-discover a forgotten movie from the 1960's!" - David Secter, director of Winter Kept Us Warm

"Shakespeare's Merchant is reaching a much larger & diverse audience than would have been possible without the marketing expertise of TLA." - Paul Wagar, director of Shakespeare's Merchant

How TLA Ready Disc Works

We manufacture DVD-Rs for you & market them to our loyal gay cinema customers via our award-winning websites.

  • Sell your film on DVD & VOD.
  • Keep 30% of the DVD & VOD sales.
  • The program is non-exclusive. You retain the rights to your movie.
  • Our DVDs are professional quality & come in Amaray cases with printed sleeves & beautifully printed discs. Samples are available upon request.
  • We offer online reporting so that you can check on your sales.
  • You can buy copies for yourself at a major discount.

There is no set-up charge to get started.

You simply provide the film & materials, we'll take care of the rest!

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