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Flag Football gay cinema DVD from Greenleaf Productions.

Flag Football

$19.99 DVD (Exclusive)

An inspiring and wildly entertaining award-winning documentary, Flag Football follows a group of competitive gay athletes on their journey to the National Gay Flag Football Championships – and it breaks down a lot of stereotypes along the way.

Brothers of the Night gay cinema DVD from Altered Innocence.

Brothers of the Night

$19.99 DVD (Editor's Pick)

Meet Vienna’s underdogs of respectable society. Sporting leather jackets like suits of armor, these young hustlers are in search of adventure, freedom and a quick buck. Don’t miss this stylish and provocative new documentary following a tight-knit group of desirable young men.

Rift gay cinema DVD from Breaking Glass Pictures.


$19.99 DVD

When Gunnar received a strange call from his ex-boyfriend, he drives out to a secluded cabin to check up on him. It seems that someone else is there as well – a mysterious person lurking outside the cabin. No one can be trusted in this bone-chilling thriller.

Palace of Fun gay cinema DVD from TLA Releasing.

Palace of Fun

$19.99 DVD (Editor's Pick)

Jamie, a somewhat troubled young man from a rich family, takes a dangerous liking to his sister’s new boyfriend Finn. Soon, he’s spinning a web of deceit to get closer to the handsome young man. Palace of Fun is an absolutely gorgeous edge-of-your-sear thriller!

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DVD Picks of the Week

B&B gay cinema DVD from Breaking Glass Pictures.


$19.99 DVD (Editor's Pick)

Marc and Fred went to war when they were refused a double bed at a remote Christian guest house. They won their court case and now they’re back… but their weekend of fun soon becomes a bloody battle for survival in this smart, brutally funny new thriller!

Furious Desires gay cinema DVD from TLA Releasing.

Furious Desires


Desire is mysterious. Desire is overwhelming. Desire is tragic. Desire is FURIOUS. The many permutations of this strange thing called desire are on full display in this sexy and stunning collection of short gay films from around the world.

Heartstone gay cinema DVD from Breaking Glass Pictures.


$19.99 DVD (Editor's Pick)

In a remote fishing village in Iceland, teen boys Thor and Christian experience a turbulent summer - as one tries to win the heart of a girl while the other discovers new feelings toward his best friend. Don’t miss this gorgeous and powerful new coming-of-age romance.

Get Real gay cinema DVD from Paramount Pictures.

Get Real

$8.99 DVD (Editor's Pick)

A sharply observed coming-of-age romance infused with charm, humor, emotion and a knowing sense of the difficulties of being a gay teen, this gay indie classic is finally coming back to DVD after a very long time out of print. And it’s only $8.99!

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