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1985 gay cinema DVD from Breaking Strand Releasing.


$19.99 Editor's Pick

A closeted young man goes home for the holidays and struggles to reveal his dire circumstances to his conservative family. Michael Chiklis, Virginia Madsen and “Gotham” star Cory Michael Smith headline this moving new period piece from director Yen Tan.

Adonis gay cinema DVD from Breaking Glass Pictures.


$19.99Editor's Pick

Well-known for his incredibly erotic body of work, controversial Hong Kong director Scud pushes the envelope further than ever before with his new film – about an out-of-work actor with dreams of stardom starts who starts stripping down to pay the bills.

Cola De Mano gay cinema DVD from Artsploitation Films.

Cola De Mano

19.99 Editor's Pick

Based in 1986, this wildly erotic, nudity-packed new flick from Chile follows a precocious teen who is going through a major sexual awakening on Christmas Eve. Cola de Mono is probably the sexiest gay-themed holiday movie you’ll ever see.

Postcards from London gay cinema VOD from Strand Releasing.

Postcards from London

$19.99Editor's Pick

Beach Rats star Harris Dickinson is back – and hotter than ever – as a young London rent boy who is so breathtakingly gorgeous that he becomes a muse for great artists. Luxuriate in this clever, colorful and wildly sexual new comedy-drama.

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Boys Behind Bars! - Read more now.

Now Available: Boys Behind Bars

Boys Behind Bars, the nasty underground cult franchise, is releasing a collection of all three installments for the first time. Join the British bad boy Darrell as he continues his reign of terror on the inmates at Baker’s Ludge Prison. This sexually-charged series aims to shock with profanity, violence and seriously steamy scenes of seduction.

Cola De Mano - a must see gay movie.

Explicit Trailer & Photo Gallery: Cola De Mano

Packed to the brim with nudity and graphic gay sex scenes, the new film Cola de Mono takes place on Christmas Eve in 1986 and follows a precocious teen who is put into some seriously compromising positions (literally and figuratively). Check out this exclusive photo gallery (plus the trailer). Warning: this content is very much Not Safe for Work!

The Cakemaker - a must-see gay movie.

Out This Week: The Cakemaker

One of the year’s best gay films, The Cakemaker has been nominated for nine Israeli Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, and has become one of the top grossing foreign films of the year in the United States. The trailer alone may make you a little weepy. Make sure to invest in a box of tissues before you watch the full movie.

1985 - a must see gay movie!

Trailer Alert 1985

Shot on black-and-white Super 16mm film by acclaimed writer-director Yen Tan (Pit Stop, Happy Birthday), this acclaimed new period piece takes a unique look at a pivotal moment in American history through the prism of empathy, love and family. Cory Michael Smith, Virginia Madsen, Michael Chiklis and more star in this new must-see.


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