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A seemingly ageless philosopher recruits twelve young men to become his gang of apostles. They journey to his secluded manor to explore the meaning of life and death. Philosophical discussions, nude mountain climbing, multiple sexual activities, elaborate bondage sessions and even a living sacrifice soon ensue. Hong Kong-based director Scud once again pushes the boundaries of erotic gay filmmaking as only he can.

Easy Tiger - Gay Cinema On-Demand!

Easy Tiger


After sharing an unexpected moment of intimacy with a male client, a buttoned-up psychologist starts to confront his own suppressed inner desires. Alienated by the isolation of his seemingly perfect city life, the powerful same-sex attraction offers him a new outlook on the future. Easy Tiger is a gorgeously-crafted portrait of an emotionally exposed man and the impact a surprising homoerotic attraction has on the course of his life.

Like Me - Gay Cinema On-Demand!

Like Me


High school senior Tom wants to be wanted. While waiting to begin his compulsory military service, he earns money delivering pizza and modeling. When he meets an older photographer, the pair begin a complicated relationship. Meanwhile, he’s harboring feelings for his straight best friend. Like Me is a captivating new coming-of-age drama with fresh, sexy young actors, gorgeous visuals and a strong, pulsating soundtrack.

Discretion - Gay Cinema On-Demand!



Derek (Colin Lawrence) is a beloved English professor with a successful husband and young daughter. His life becomes compromised when he develops feelings for Trysten (ZJ Stadium), an incredibly seductive new student. Derek realizes his picture-perfect life may be in jeopardy as he confronts serious questions about family, monogamy and desire. Discretion is an award-winning 35-minute short film from writer-director Tommy Garcia.

Bridesman - Gay Cinema On-Demand!



Jimmy Fowlie stars in Bridesman as a ridiculously self-centered single gay man who returns to his hometown to be in his childhood best friend's wedding party. The lone man-of-honor among the bridesmaids, he spends his time undermining the whole affair. Hoping to save his bestie from what he considers an unbearably boring life of marriage and monogamy, he tries stealing away her husband-to-be before the couple can tie the knot.

Sublime - Gay Cinema On-Demand!



A sensitive and sweet queer, coming-of-age drama, Sublime follows shy teen Manuel (Martin Miller), who is in a garage band with his best friend Felipe (Teo Inama Chiabrando). The two boys, friends since childhood, have a close, easy relationship. Strains develop, however, when Felipe starts dating a girl. Manuel also begins to date a female classmate… yet all the while he’s suppressing his nascent feelings for his best buddy.

Discretion - Now Available On-Demand!
Bridesman - Now Available On-Demand!

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At Night All the Cats Are Black - Read More Now!

Coming Soon: At Night All the Cats Are Black

A deliberately strange cinematic exercise, At Night All the Cats Are Black was largely improvised by the cast and crew. Filmmakers Valentin Merz and Robin Mognetti, who play versions of themselves in the movie, have described it as "dreamy, impulsive, coherently illogical, shamelessly artsy and hell bent on surprising its viewers."

The Latent Image - Read More Now!

Trailer Alert: The Latent Image

The new gay thriller The Latent Image follows novelist Ben (Joshua Tonks) as he retreats to an isolated rural cabin to start on his latest novel and to escape the growing tension with his boyfriend Jamie (William Tippery). Working late into the night, he wakes to find an attractive, but potentially dangerous stranger in his cabin.

Single, Out

New Gay Series: Single, Out

An infectiously fun and totally queer new six-episode Aussie TV series from Lee Galea (the director behind the 2013 gay indie hit Monster Pies), Single, Out follows the romantic adventures of cute-as-a-button twink Adam (played by Will Hutchins), a teen exploring his love life and new gay world along with his semi-helpful family and friends.

The Winner Takes It All

Maxi Shield stars in The Winner Takes It All

Wealthy socialite Kiki (Jessica Marchi) confides in her best friend Maxine (Sydney drag icon Maxi Shield) that she believes her smoking-hot, ex-gigolo husband (singer and underwear model Manuel Kornisiuk) may be cheating. In danger of losing her rather large fortune, Kiki elicits Maxi’s help to uncover the truth about her husband’s adultery.


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