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The children in a religious family clash with their parents as they prepare for the wake of their brother, Mitchel (Noah Urrea). Teenage Mason (also played by Urrea) desperately tries to reach his lost identical twin through spiritual means. Precocious Molly (Sofia Rosinsky) meticulously organizes the event, expecting everything to go exactly as planned. Megan (Megan Trout), their older sister, returns home after a long absence, no longer interested in repressing the truth. Their Baptist grandmother and parents attempt to maintain normalcy when an unexpected stranger, Jameson (Kolton Stewart), arrives the family to face secrets and lies around Mitchel's death.

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Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
A Family Clash
Amos Lassen

Mitchel's death has a profound effect on his twin brother Mason (Noah Urrea) and as the family prepares for the wake, Mason spiritually tries to reach his brother. Mason isn't alone in struggl... Read More

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