Call Her Ganda


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When Jennifer Laude, a Filipina transwoman, is murdered by a U.S. Marine, three women intimately invested in the case - an activist attorney (Virgie Suarez), a transgender journalist (Meredith Talusan) and Jennifer's mother (Julita "Nanay" Laude) - galvanize a political uprising, pursuing justice and taking on hardened histories of U.S. imperialism.


  • Director: PJ Raval
  • Length: 1 hrs. 37 mins.
  • Rating: XXX
  • Released: Oct 30 2018
  • Production Year: 2018
  • TLA SKU: 2549185
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • UPC Code: 855184007624


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4.25 out of 5

Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
True Journalism
Amos Lassen

"Call Her Ganda" is a staggering and thought-provoking documentary on the epidemic of violence against LGBTQ people. Part-chronicle, part-tribute, the film is ushered by Three central ... Read More

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