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Dark, intense, funny, romantic and often shocking, this new anthology film from director Mark Bessenger (Bite Marks and The Last Straight Man) features monologues from different gay men. "The Actor," "The Wrestler," "The Porn Agent," "The Beard," "The Sweet " and many more share their deepest secrets and most taboo desires in quick, eye-popping vignettes. Get ready to meet a widely varied group of gay character types not often given a voice on film. Don't miss this unique, endlessly fun and achingly sexy new experiment!

Reasons to Buy

  1. Mark Bessenger is the same writer-director behind the hit 2011 horror-comedy Bite Marks and the more recent romantic comedy-drama The Last Straight Man.
  2. We've never seen a movie quite like Confessions before. The film weaves in and out of different genres during candid fourth-wall-breaking character monologues.
  3. With tons of hot, gay actors - including familiar faces like Peter Stickles and Dylan Vox - this is a sexy, funny and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

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1 Review for Confessions

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Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
The Sexy Truth about Gay Men
Amos Lassen
Mark Bessenger who gave us "The Last Straight Man" has a new film about gay men and their sex lives. Bessenger takes us into the minds of his characters to their personal thoughts ... Read More

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