Counselor Week at Camp Liberty

Babaloo Studios



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Editor's note: This film contains explicit sexual content. Adult restrictions apply . "It's counselor week at Camp Liberty, and these boys take camp to a whole new level. When new counselor Andrew (Brandon Rife) meets leader Jack (Gregory Michaels) during orientation, Andrew finds he has more than campfires and weenie roasts on his mind. His attempt to gain Jack's affection fails, so he devises a plan that threatens not only a would-be summer fling, but Jack himself! This over-the-top 38-minute sex comedy - that's full of tempting twinks - also features Addison Graham as Camp Liberty's owner."

Reasons to Buy

  1. If chicken ain't your thing it's probably best to steer clear of this one - these twinks are so newborn you can practically see broken eggshells adorning each cast member.
  2. A short 'n campy hardcore piece about, well... short 'n campy twink "pieces."
  3. From the creators of the erotic anthology Eroddity(s).


  • Director: Steven Vasquez
  • Writer: Steven Vasquez
  • Length: 38 mins.
  • Rating: XXX
  • Released: Feb 06 2015
  • TLA SKU: 1763954
  • UPC Code: 758149700113
  • Catalog #: DX36655802


4 Reviews for Counselor Week at Camp Liberty

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Review by PS Collector

By: PS Collector
Even at $9.99 this is no bargain, unless you get off on a terrible script, acting that is sub-grammar school, and sex mostly involving softons with a cast of kids you will never want to see again.....and won't.

I found nothing appealing ab... Read More

Review by Dave55

By: Dave55
OK. So I'm a sixty-year-old gay man. But I still like watching young flesh. Problem is, most "gay" movies still fall into two categories:
1.) "Porn" film-making, which generally has no plot. Recent exceptions are largely limited (at least t... Read More

Review by Allen Street

By: Allen Street
"Counselor Week at Camp Liberty"
by Allen Street

One of the things I like most about DVDs from Babaloo Studios is that there are stories in them. I like the fact that the actors are actually acting, having relationships, being people.... Read More

Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
"Counselor Week at Camp Liberty"

Gay -away (-around) Camp

Amos Lassen

I had the distinct honor of having a look at "Counselor Week at Camp Liberty" before it was made available to the public. While it is not... Read More

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