Falls, The: Testament Of Love

Falls, The: Testament Of Love

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The Falls: A Testament of Love continues where the smash gay hit The Falls left off, following the story of two young, forbidden Mormon lovers. It begins with RJ Smith and Chris Merrill (Nick Ferrucci and Benjamin Farmer) five years after their mission in Clackamas Falls, Oregon. When an unexpected event occurs, the two young men find themselves thrust into one another's lives. As old feelings begin to surface, they once again face difficult choices. While fulfilling their desire to be together, RJ and Chris risk hurting the ones they care about as they embark on a spiritual journey to discover love, freedom and most of all, happiness.

Reasons to Buy

  1. Nick Ferrucci and Benjamin Farmer are pretty much the perfect on-screen couple. They're both adorable, they have great chemistry and it certainly doesn't hurt that they happen to be excellent actors.
  2. The Falls was easily one of the most successful, well-reviewed gay romances of the past decade. No one expected director Jon Garcia to make a sequel, but The Falls: Testament of Love comes as a pleasant and very welcome surprise.
  3. Anyone who grew up with a strict religious background will be able to relate to this story. Not only does this series face homophobic religious practices head on, but it also packs in plenty of swoon-worthy romance to make your heart sing and maybe even bring a tear to your eye.

DVD Features

Deleted Scenes
Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
Behind-The-Scenes And Outtakes From "The Falls"
Q&A From The World Premiere At Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Photo Gallery


6 Reviews for Falls, The: Testament Of Love

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Review by Robert O'Neill

By: Robert O'Neill
In-House Review - Dec 02 2013
The Falls was one of the most splendid surprises of 2012 - at least in terms of gay cinema. Writer/director Jon Garcia mixed heartwarming romance, titillating sexual tension, high drama and unexpected moments of levity to tell the story of Elder R.J.... Read More

Review by Michael X

By: Michael X
Director Jon Garcia moves the story of RJ and Chris up three years. They meet this time at the funeral for Rodney, Chris is now married with a family in Salt Lake City, RJ writes for a magazine in Seattle. Once RJ sees Chris, feelings re-ignite for h... Read More

Review by ptab

By: ptab
I very much enjoyed the original, the characters were believable and the direct approach to fanatacism and intolerance was very well done. I like the sequel, but not as much, esp. in the beginning, mostly because of Chris, renouncing his true sexuali... Read More

Review by ptab

By: ptab
The first one was fairly good, this sequel, however, didn't have a very satisfied feeling, for me. The concept of religious intolerance is very well done, with a very in your face approach, in both films. That is very admirable. R. intolerance is una... Read More

Review by Silent audience

By: Silent audience
Five stars for the director and two main actors. The film is absolutely touching and moving. Forbidden love between two people who were brought up to hate who they actually and to believe it. I have watched so may gay theme films but hardly write ... Read More

Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
About a year ago, I saw and reviewed a film that I really liked, "The Falls" about the forbidden love between two young Mormons who met and fell in love with each other as they were doing their missionary work.
RJ (Nick Ferrucci) is a high schoo... Read More

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