Hotter than Hell Part 2

Hotter than Hell Part 2

By Raging Stallion Studios



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The standard DVD 2-disc set contains Hotter than Hell Part 2 as well as a second bonus disc, which features behind the scenes footage with Steve Cruz, "On the Set with Damien, Steve and Logan," and a segment from the "Tim & Roma Show." Please note: Despite the typo on the cover, the Blu-ray is in fact a single disc release, and does not contain the bonus disc. -Keeneye ReevesFrom the press notes, courtesy of Raging Stallion: "The pact with "The Devil" Ricky Sinz from the first film has been fulfilled. Steve Cruz got what he wanted. And now Steve has to pay the price... In the sewers of San Francisco, the Devil's minions are at work, on each other. Logan McCree, Tober Brandt, and Dak Ramsey are waiting for their orders, so while they wait, they play. Logan is on his knees sucking the cocks of Tober and Dak. Logan's cock sucking is pure animal. Logan goes back and forth between the two, worshipping Dak and Tober's power. Tober is soon returning the favor, while Dak continues enjoying Logan's wet mouth. Logan stands up to get his cock sucked by Dak and gets rimmed by Tober. Dak is the first to enter Logan's hot hole. Dak is an incredible fuck, going all the way in and out, making sure Logan feels every inch. Logan can't seem to get enough of Dak's hot tool. While Logan is on his back taking Dak's cock, Tober sucks Logan's dick, making him feel good all over. Dak rolls Logan over, showcasing Logan's incredible tattooed body. Logan is soon sitting down on Dak's hot cock, riding it for all it's worth. Dak shoots over Logan's ass, and then Tober gets a chance at the worked-over hole. Tober's fat cock pumps Logan's hole perfectly, making Logan shoot a hot load. Tober soon follows with cum all his own. The Devil calls and it is time for the fun to begin. The three make their entrance from a manhole and trail Steve Cruz, waiting to pounce on their prey. They catch Steve and lay a royal beating, leaving Steve in the gutter crying for help. Help arrives, but it is not the kind he wants. "The Cop" Ricky Sinz needs to take Steve back to get his payment... The interrogation begins, and Ricky explains to Steve that he is not in a police station, but Hell! The minions chain Steve, making him watch the Hell Orgy. Alexy Tyler joins the motley crew. Tober is on Ricky; Alexy is on Logan who is on Dak. Let the cock sucking begin! Poor Steve can do nothing but watch. A hazy mist flows across all. Steve is aroused by what he sees, but he is not sure if this is where he wants to be. The hard cocks are everywhere, and eager mouths waiting for them. Ricky orders Tober to free Steve, to allow him to join the others. The minions Steve on Ricky's ever-hard cock, making him take it all in. Steve starts to suck off the others. Logan and Tober soon explode hot cum on Steve's face. Dak takes Steve as his own, sucking on Steve's hot tool. Steve returns the favor, taking Dak's meat all the way down. Steve starts to ride Dak's cock, feeling every inch. Steve gets on his back, letting Dak pound hard and fast. Steve shoots his load on his stomach, and Dak shoots on Steve's chest. Logan and Ricky get their shot at Steve next. Steve takes turns on both of their rock hard cocks. They have a swordfight in Steve's mouth. When the fucking begins, Logan becomes the middleman as he pounds Steve's hole while Ricky pounds his. Logan shoots on Steve's back, giving Ricky a chance at Steve's furry hole. Ricky pounds Steve ferociously. Steve shoots another load, and Ricky returns the favor on Steve's stomach. After his last cum shot, Logan moves on to Alexy Tyler. Logan worships Alexy's incredible body and hot cock. Alexy returns the favor on Logan's heavily tattooed uncut cock. Logan starts to pump Alexy's hole. The two are a perfect combination. Logan pounds Alexy's hole until he shoots his load. Alexy soon follows. The gang is all here as the Hell Orgy continues. We see Ricky fucking Tober on the throne, Steve getting his hole explored by Logan, and Dak opening up Alexy. Cocks and eager holes are all around. The Hell Orgy is in full swing! Logan is getting Steve's furry hole ready. Steve is enjoying this way too much. Little does he know what is in store... Placing him on the alter, Steve's hole is about to be put to good use. Dak starts the initiation. Pounding Steve's hole while the others feel his hot hairy body, Dak holds nothing back on the ass fucking. Logan is next, making Steve crave cock even more. Tober follows, stretching Steve's hole even wider. Then it is the main man's turn... Ricky wants his payment in full. Ricky's hard cock works over Steve's furry hole. The others hold Steve down making him stay put. Dak shoots his load first, followed by Logan, then Alexy adds his cum to the mix, then Tober unleashes his load. Ricky shoots his, making Steve a hairy cum mess. Steve is allowed to shoot, and then his ecstasy becomes his horror as the others start to chant... "One of us, one of us, one of us." Steve realizes he will have to endure this for all time..."

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DVD Features

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Chapter Selections
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  • Director: Chris Ward (II)
  • Director: Ben Leon
  • Writer: Steve Cruz
  • Length: 2 hrs. 0 mins.
  • Rating: XXX
  • Released: Oct 15 2008
  • Added: Nov 03 2015
  • Production Year: 2008
  • TLA SKU: 1764124
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • UPC Code: 859481001972
  • Catalog #: DX2710783
  • Custodian of Records:
    Raging Stallion Studios
    Chris Ward 82 Mary St San Francisco, CA 94104


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