Best Men Part 2: The Wedding Party

Best Men Part 2: The Wedding Party

By Falcon Studios



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Click here to get both parts of Best Men by purchasing our discounted bundled 2-disc set . From the press notes, courtesy of Falcon Studios: "This is it. What you've been waiting for. Zeb Atlas finally fucks a guy! And not just any guy: Superstud Adam Killian eagerly offers up his sweet cherry-of-an-ass to the altar of the muscle god. Zeb's thick cock thrusting deep in and out of Adam's tight pink hole will leave you completely soaked. Tony Capucci and Andrew Blue are scheduled to walk down the aisle, but with this band of merry men, you know their journey is going to be sidetracked. From the horny wedding party to the hot and raunchy staff, everyone gets sucked into the festivities and fireworks. Instead of hooking up with his intended date, Tristan Jaxx finds Kirk Cummings naked on a big bed, greased up and sliding a supercock into his ass. Kirk's mischievous smile beckons Tristan over. Entranced, he willingly obliges, pulls out his dick and the two studs begin a frenzied suck-rim-fuck fest. After some wiggling about, they begin to sixty-nine, filling each other's mouths with their thick hard cocks. Then Tristan comes up from behind to stick his pole in the hole. They continue fucking, passionately kiss and fuck some more until they both climax and shoot their wads. Adam Killian is there to interview the wedding guests and finds Zeb Atlas in the shower. They decide to make a more interesting video greeting. The cameraman shoots the muscleman soaping up, the suds sliding off his brawny arms and chest, luscious ass, monstrous pecs and abs. Atlas' killer smile soon gets Killian naked and in the shower, thrilled to be sucking cock. All jacked up, Killian stretches Atlas' asscheeks wide apart so he can rim his hole. Atlas fucks Killian every which way, each thrust making him moan with pleasure. The action is so intense that when Killian shoots his load, he almost falls over. He then begs Atlas to cover him with his spooge and is gladly rewarded - all of the hot action caught on video. For supposedly being the best wedding planners in town, the Jarics find themselves behind schedule. They've still got a lot to do; the bar's not even set up. Where the fuck is the staff? Aden finds Austin Wylde and Turk Mason messing around and joins the fun. Then Jordan comes in and makes it a real party. Meanwhile Erik Rhodes is intent on finding something to slide down his gullet. Instead of finding a drink to nurse on, he settles for both Turk's and Austin's slick pricks. There is so much sucking, rimming and fucking among the five men - the still horny couple and the sex-crazed threesome - that when they finally all climax, the cum flows like crazy. Andrew Blue gets an anonymous email with an incriminating image of Tony caught doing the nasty with that sleazy stripper from the week before. Feeling angry and betrayed, he finds solace with the catering staff. T.J. Hawke and Lucky Daniels are more than willing to help the despondent bridegroom forget his troubles. Andrew drinks up T.J.'s cock, and then Lucky's. Each slurp of those hardened dicks takes him farther away from thinking about that two-timing bastard. Who said it's hard finding good help? There's enough cock to suck, asses to rim and holes to fuck to comfort his aching soul. Revenge can be sweet. The wedding is off. The grooms have split up and poor Tony Capucci buries his grief with champagne. He pours his heart out to Rod Daily and soon learns that when one door closes, another opens. Rod gladly lets his good buddy know that there are a lot of guys who will stand up in lieu of the feckless Andrew, especially him. To his surprise and relief, Tony lets Rod demonstrate just how much he means to him, not only as a friend, but as the desired object of his silent lust. Tony quickly rebounds, running out of his blue funk and into the arms, mouth and asshole of a true soul mate." ~~ / All images © and courtesy Falcon Studios. (Used here with express permission.)

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  • Director: John Bruno
  • Rating: XXX
  • Released: Aug 03 2009
  • Added: Aug 03 2009
  • Production Year: 2009
  • TLA SKU: 1485985
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • UPC Code: 600000661883
  • Catalog #: DX2735083
  • Custodian of Records:
    Falcon Studios
    J. Rutherford, Falcon Studios; 444 DeHaro Street, Suite 210; SanFranciso, California 94107


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2 Reviews for Best Men Part 2: The Wedding Party

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Review by halfspidey

By: halfspidey
Now that Mr. Capucci had his wild bachelor party in "Best Men, Part 1", the wedding plans proceed in Part 2. But this being porn, you just know that the walk down the aisle is frought with some naughty U-turns! Semi-hairy hunk Tristan Jaxx stumbles u... Read More

Review by cougar

By: cougar
First of all, I purchased this dvd because Zeb Atlas was in it but he's only in it for one scene and yes the scene is hot but the acting is not. Secondly, Falcon needs to hire some script writers and give these guys some actual words except for the O... Read More

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