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The Boy Austin: Chapters 1-3 from Boy for Sale.

The Boy Austin: Chapters 1-3


Oooh boy, we're gonna get filthy. Boy for Sale follows the transfer of ownership from one man to the next as young, submissive slaves are paid for and claimed by their dominant masters. The boys serve their superiors, catering to their every need and desire. The boys learn what's expected of them through proper grooming and training, but at the end of the day, they're the property of their owners and must obey.

Starring fan-favorite fuckboy, Austin Young!
Social Dickstancing from

Social Dickstancing


We've all heard the term "distancing" enough over the pasy year that we'd be pretty happy to never hear it again. Luckily, our friends at have taken upon itself to rebrand the popular concept as "social dickstancing", which we think is a much more fitting moniker for the times we live in, because our dicks have been standing up on end pretty much costantly since we witnessed this 100% bareback fuck party. We're confident you'll find your own member standing at attention too.

Don't fret - the PPE doesn't apply to cocks. This one's 100% BAREBACK!
Lake Need from NakedSword Originals.

Lake Need


Johnny Rapid rounds up all his best buds and heads to Lake Need for a boy's trip. But don't let the serene waters fool you - there's nonstop bareback action on deck in this sun-drenched adventure. Acclaimed director Edward James captains a houseboat on Lake Need filled with a cast of horny studs getting off with their best friends. So, come on! Grab your bags and join the boys on Lake Need for a hot trip you'll never forget.

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