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To a mindblowing cinematic experience like no other.
Premiere and afterparty hosted by Elijah Wood!
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Artsploitation Films and Executive Producer Elijah Wood invite you to the L.A. premiere of the stunning horror/documentary hybrid, TOAD ROAD.

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TOAD ROAD is a film like nothing you've ever seen before as it blends documentary and horror to create the tale of a beautiful young woman who begins hanging around with a hard-partying crowd and finds herself drawn to the local legend of Toad Road, a path in the woods that supposedly leads through The Seven Gates of Hell.

Each ticket to the premiere also includes access to the exclusive afterparty at Sadie, hosted by Executive Producer Elijah Wood!

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VICE Magazine's Rocco Castoro on TOAD ROAD:
"Toad Road is a new film directed and produced by Jason Banker that simultaneously expands the parameters of what documentary filmmaking can be and blurs the lines between that format and traditional scripted filmmaking. In production since 2008, (director Jason Banker) views the film as a “horror-thriller” that follows the lives of a group of hard-living young friends who pursue an urban legend in York, Pennsylvania, that concerns a path in the woods that supposedly leads to the seven gates of hell. Their journey is one of self-discovery, heavy drug use, nihilism, and all of the other things young people around the world are struggling with at this very instant. What sets Toad Road apart from other movies is that the film was conceptualized and shot in a hybrid documentary-feature style, weaving a narrative out of the real lives of its subjects in a way that hits on greater truths than either form is capable of alone."

Don't miss this incredible film and event!

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